The Spectacle Is Vulnerable


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“But to return to our theme: I find poetic links, the logic of poetry in cinema, extraordinarily pleasing. They seem to me perfectly appropriate to the potential of cinema as the most truthful and poetic of art forms. Certainly I am more at home with them than with traditional theatrical writing which links images through the linear, rigidly logical development of the plot. That sort of fussily correct way of linking events usually involves arbitrarily forcing them into sequence in obedience to some abstract notion of order. And even when this is not so, even when the plot is governed by the characters, one finds that the links which hold it together rest on a facile interpretation of life’s complexities.

In my view poetic reasoning is closer to the laws by which thought develops, and thus to life itself, than is the logic of traditional drama. […] Through poetic connections feeling is heightened and the spectator is made more active. He becomes a participant in the process of discovering life, unsupported by ready-made deductions from the plot or ineluctable pointers by the author. […] When less than everything has been said about a subject, you can still think on further. The alternative is for the audience to be presented with the final deduction, for no effort on their part, and that is not what they need. What can it mean to them when they have not shared with the author the misery and joy of bringing an image into being?

Poetry is an awareness of the world, a particular way of relating to reality.”

—   Andrei Tarkovksy on three act structure, character-driven films, and poetry in cinema. (via directingfilm)

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Tuesday September 17th.

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David Lynch’s barbie coffee advert


This is Ska (1964)

Is this for real? 

The Stuckist is not a career artist but rather an amateur (amare, Latin, to love) who takes risks on the canvas rather than hiding behind ready-made objects (e.g. a dead sheep). The amateur, far from being second to the professional, is at the forefront of experimentation, unencumbered by the need to be seen as infallible. Leaps of human endeavour are made by the intrepid individual, because he/she does not have to protect their status. Unlike the professional, the Stuckist is not afraid to fail.


The Stuckists Manifesto, thesis 9. 1999.